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Boston Marathon 2018 -I came, I ran, I fell more in Love!

I came, I ran, I fell more in love!

Boston, where do I start?

You are in a league all your own. They say if you lose faith in humanity go out and watch a marathon. Out of my 91 marathons, yesterday's Boston is right up there with the 2014 Boston. They both illicit raw, human connection and community, which is the priceless gemstone that can transform the world and our own individual world.

As challenging as the conditions were, I could not help but get emotional so many times. Here we are, out doing what we love while police officers, volunteers and spectators selflessly protect us, support us and cheer us on. Standing there, while the rain pelted them in the face. They would not take a thank you, I tried. Instead, they thanked us for running. I am again choking up typing this. Strangers helping strangers. Isn't that why we are here, to help one another no matter our differences? Going forward whenever I wear this year's shirt, a spot in my heart will brighten as I visualize the village that helped me trudge forward and focus more on the power of humanity around me then the statistics the weather woman|man will recount on the evening news nor the clock time found on Garmin Connect.

It wasn't just the human spirit on the sidelines I will cherish but also the human spirit exemplified by my fellow runners step after soggy step! From my school bus seat-mate, Cassie who had just lost her mom on Saturday but I know ran with her heart more yesterday then any other day, to the young girl who just finished chemo and showed cancer who was tougher as she fought her way to that left on Boylston, to my own runners and everyone else in between who had to dig deeper than they ever had and run a race that I felt was 95% mental and only 5% physical.

See you April 15, 2019, Boston!

Coach Denise @MarathonWhisperer

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